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Financial Aid Donors

BACA extends our thanks to the donors who make our financial aid possible:


Zippo Manufacturing Company, Bradford, PA

The Carpenter's Shop, Ulysses, PA

Northwest Bank, Bradford, PA

CNB Bank, Clearfield, PA

Anonymous, Mt. Jewett, PA


Anonymous, Bradford, PA

Anonymous, Bradford, PA

Anonymous, Smethport, PA

Anonymous, Bradford, PA

Anonymous, Eldred, PA

Anonymous, Smethport, PA

Your PA income tax can support Bradford families!

Would you like to see your PA state income tax used in your local community?

Both individuals and business are able to redirect their PA state income tax

to support BACA's financial aid program which supports local families!

Here's how ...

1. If you would like to participate as an individual or

married couple, complete this commitment form.


2.  If you want to participate as a business, click

here or complete this commitment form.

3. Email the commitment form as directed on the



Our trusted partner, Children's Tuition Fund, will walk you through the remaining steps.

Additional information . . .

Flow Chart

Businesses: 7 Steps to Tax Credit

Businesses: CTF Program Brochure

Businesses: Tax Credit Program Overview

Businesses: Pennsylvania Guidelines

Please call the school office if you have any questions.  We are happy to help!

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